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Trilby Smith

Making Evaluation Work for a Different Future

Trilby Smith
Trilby Smith is a bold strategic evaluation leader who focuses her practice on equity and justice. She has been working as an evaluator
for over twenty years, and has worked as a consultant as well as inside philanthropic organizations. Trilby takes a relationship-based approach to her work, believing that who is doing the work is as important as how the work is being done. Much of her work has been within the child welfare sector, in partnership with those who have lived expertise, and she has a lifelong commitment to transforming the system so that we do better for young people who have grown up in government care. Often frustrated with the status quo in evaluation, Trilby has been instrumental in starting the conversation about a “made in Canada” approach to Equitable Evaluation. She
is particularly interested in working cross-generationally, exploring and making visible power dynamics that exist in working relationships, and having more fun at work!