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Sheila Matano

Making Evaluation Work for a Different Future

Sheila Matano
Sheila Matano is a researcher and evaluator with over a decade of experience in program evaluation, strategic planning and stakeholder engagement. She is also currently the vice president of the BC Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CESBC).
Most recently she spearheaded the creation of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee at CESBC and is hosting the Diverse Voices Series, which aims to highlight community evaluation projects, programs, and organizations across BC and beyond that incorporate Equitable Evaluation in their practice. Sheila specializes in working in complex environments and has worked with
government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and foundations worldwide to help improve their project activities and outcomes. She helps organizations achieve their mission and strategic goals by using conversations and data to facilitate better decision-making, raise awareness, raise funds, develop policies, and demonstrate their work’s impact.