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Jodi Rai

Be Intentional | Get Connected: Let’s Humanize Our Workplaces!

Jodi Rai

Jodi Rai is an expert in human resources management strategies. She support organizations in being self-aware, strategic and empathetically impactful. Jodi is a Free Agent with the Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada and a People Strategist (and Founder) of Humantis Consulting. Jodi provides strategic HRM planning, training and coaching services that are a blend of neuroscience, human development theories and experiential case studies. Jodi is also a board member and Knowledge Philanthropist with Vantage Point.

Jodi holds a Masters in Leadership, certifications in Instructional Design, Facilitating Dialogue, and Emotional Intelligence.  She also considers herself to be working towards two life-long “degrees”  in motherhood and in being a perfectly imperfect human. Her two children serve as her life’s muse. Human connection serves as the cornerstone of Jodi’s work and everything that she does.

Jodi’s believes:

  • we all must cultivate our self-awareness, and embracing a growth mindset will get us there;
  • we all want to be in relationships where we can express ourselves while feeling respected and heard; and
  • we all need to be strategic in our behaviours to achieve the impact we want in this world.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Source: https://checkyourhead.org/people/jodi-rai/