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Christina Bennett

5 Teens went out to volunteer…..and you’re not going to believe what happened

Chrissy Bennett

Chrissy has an extensive background in volunteer engagement and community involvement in the municipal government and the not-for-profit sector. She has over 25 years of experience with a wide range of areas including community technology, neighborhood gardens, continuing education for coaches, and major events such as the 2010 Olympics Torch Relay celebrations. Through both her employment and volunteer careers, she has worked with municipal governments, educational institutions, community sport associations, and social service agencies to get people involved, set up new programs that support the community, and build systems that develop job skills and work experience in the population. The common thread in the majority of her projects is community involvement and engagement. Chrissy has connected with all ages of the population from all areas of the community. She particularly enjoys the positive changes that result from citizens getting involved in and owning their communities. She strongly believes that community is strengthened when people learn that everyone has something of value to offer.