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Bruce MacDonald

Wake-up Call: Key trends in corporate giving in the COVID-19 era

Bruce MacDonald in a suit, in front of white background.


When carnivals and social good combined, it pointed to a path and for 30 years Bruce has been walking that route. From working for
organizations that provide services to young people, older adults, persons with disabilities, community service clubs, and sports and
recreation groups, Bruce’s experiences have led him to Imagine Canada where he is President & CEO. Prior to that, he was the CEO
of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, where he participated in a collective effort to bring mentoring programs to kids. Bruce holds a
Bachelor Degree in Sports Administration from Laurentian University, a Masters in Management in the Voluntary Sector from McGill
University and a record in the Guinness Book of World Records. In early 2019, Bruce was appointed Co-Chair of the Permanent
Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector working with the federal government.