About BOSS

Since 2015, Vantage Point has been organizing an annual conference for non-profit organizational leaders, members, volunteers, and interested collaborators in British Columbia (which we have previously called BOSS: Building Organizational and Sector Sustainability). Our conference was, and is an innovative opportunity for sharing tangible and practical strategies that non-profit leaders can use to strengthen their organizations. Sector leaders participate in the conference to connect with their peers and discuss a diverse range of challenges affecting the sector.

As our sector responded to the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the conference evolved in 2020/21 to find common solutions to address the challenges facing non-profits across BC. In November 2020, we launched BOSS as a reimagined series of online events to convene thoughtful public dialogue and collaboration. In 2022, we held the conference mostly online with an evening in-person social, as we re-oriented to more in-person convening opportunities. We are now looking to our 2024 hybrid conference experience!

Together we sought to identify solutions, develop capacity, share resources, and reimagine the conditions which lead to transformational change in our sector and the communities we serve. Our conference brings together a broad range of actors from across BC including non-profit leaders, funders, government representatives, businesses, and interested stakeholders on a series of dialogues to build a community of those dedicated to the success of BC’s non-profit sector and identifying and advancing key priorities to strengthen our communities and work we do together.